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30L Xmas Hunt

December 15, 2013
30L Xmas Hunt

30L Xmas Hunt

THE 30L XMAS HUNT : The third Quality Hunt

It’s a new concept: a hunt, traditional in its form, with hints and hidden items, where the focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Hunt prizes will be of a quality level normally associated with full-price store items, and sold at 30L each, when found.

In all participating stores, Hunters will get a hint, with the hunt prize picture for that store, and the landmark to the next store.
Thus, they will have to visit each store at least once, as in a traditional hunt, to get the next landmark, but will have control on what prizes they prefer to hunt for.

It’s a great chance for fun, and for Creators to promote items that will, after the hunt, be sold normally at full price in their stores.

1. Whatz

Hint:  so huge you might not see it


2. EK Studio Project

Hint: It’s where it’s meant to be!


3. Damned

Hint: Run around like a lunatic, till under an arch you’ll find it

!Damned Calista 30L Xmas Hunt Womans Item !Damned 30L Xmas Hunt Slave Item !Damned 30L Xmas Hunt Mens Item

4. GTS Weapons

Hint:  nello spazio aperto l’acqua scorre e l’uomo si rilassa .

legion shield

5. Sweet Revolutions

Hint: Find elves here and find elves there,
hardworking elves are everywhere.
Just walk around and sometimes behind
thats the place for you to find.

~_SR_~ Little X-Mas Helper t

6. AccessoGor
Hint:  It is going to be a verr’y cold winter!

AccessoGOR - Festive Fire & Fur Snuggles Rug

7. RVi Design


“You’re here, where you should be
Snow is falling as the carolers sing
It just wasn’t the same
Alone on Christmas day
Presents, what a beautiful sight
Don’t mean a thing if you ain’t holding me tight
You’re all that I need
Underneath the tree”

(RVi Design) Silver Christmas Tree w_ Blinking Lights_30LXH
8. Independent Objects
Hint:  The snowmen save the flake and hides it far apart the sun

_IO_ Christmas Dress
9. Kei-Spot

‘Twas the night before Yuletide, and I had to shop
Behind a snowy stone wall was my wanted stop.

Tho I’d gotten not far when I fell in the well
But found me a gift here so all is still swell!

Kei's Build A Snowman - BoxedPIC
10. Moon_Sha
Hint:  Stones, snow and twigs

_Moon_Sha_ Christmas Roundtable PIC
11. Decadent Courtesan
Hint:  Mirror Mirror on the vanity… hmmm… vanity dear who is the fairest of them all?

DC Snow Fairy Globe 2013
12. BlackPearls

Hint:  the one who could tame the vampire

BP_30L Xmas Special
13. United InshCon
Hint: look inside the Treehouse Little Fairy

UI Christmas Tree for the Poor Toys 30LXH
14. Flecha Creations
Hint:  If you are lost, ask for help to Lorax. He always can help!

FLECHA sculpted snowman fullperm
15. Beyond the Mists
Hint:  Some hoof marks where they landed

Winter Shelter Add
16. Luas
Hint:  Look for the gift near to the modern tree

17. PPK Store
Hint:  It´s tea time! Let´s sit, relax and have a good tea

PPK Animated Tambourine
18. (BR) Creations
Hint:  The sound of the wind will lead you down the right path.

Xmas Socks
19. Torvis Weapons
Hint:  In wood or stone, in autumn or spring, at the city or in the always a nice place to rest.

[TGW] Crystal
20. Velvet Whip
Hint:  Weight matters

Velvet Whip 30LXH - Romantic_Winter_Arch
21. Candy Cyanide
Hint: its in the bag

_CC_ Elly

22. Libby’s Roleplay Shop
Hint:  We wish you a Merry Christmas

Winter Wonderland Snowman
23. Fantasy China
Hint: walks the path to a nice patio

24. An Lema

Hint: “Go gently on your quest for me,
but do not forget to look back.
Take into your gaze, not just above,
but below.”

Snapshot _ Alqualonde the Swanhaven, Alqualonde the Swanhaven (
25. Dina Creations
Hint:  Santa is sitting on me :O

dina bade 30 L xmas hunt prize
26. AngelCat*s Fantasy
Hint:  i am often used for storage.. this time you can find the hunt gift inside me :) good luck :)

_ACF_ ad Light Bridge 18 lights (mesh) fp from 1.5 li
27. Like Design

Hint:  Show Me Your Back

purple p

28. PA Designe

Hint:   More Lace

red lace camisk -30 L hunt- transfer-PA DESIGNE
29. Irrie’s Dollhouse
Hint:  “Paper isn’t just for wrapping … “

#29 irrie's { Dollhouse } Walls ~ Retro Holiday _ 30L XHunt
30. Sweet Kajira
Hint: He lights your way
31. Hems
Hint: In the store

32. Fabled

Hint: The kitchen hearth is burning bright,
Hurry and grab me!
I won’t last the night.

33. Meshed Up
Hint: The cozy warmth of Christmas

Xmas Trunk Animated _ MeshedUp
34. For F’s Sake

Hint:  Don’t be a dummy, just find one!

FFS AD Guinevere Shoes Golden FFS AD Guinevere Chopped Gold

30L Gatcha Fair 22nd to 26th November 2013

November 17, 2013

30L gacha fling fair - 22-26th novHere are a few previews of what is going to be on offer

[noctis] PoppyGatchas512

!Curvalicious 30L Gatcha Poster 1 LORIEN SCARF FOR GACHA 30L !Curvalicious 30L Gatcha Skins Poster

WIC Decadent Courtesan Moon Candle Lantern Golden Harem Girl-PA DESIGNE Freja Outfit -PA DESIGNE Fantasy Cage Gold Collar -PA DESIGNE Fantasy Cage Collar-PA DESIGNE Fantasy Cage Blue Collar-PA DESIGNE_IO_ Wrinkled Rugs Gacha_IO_ Oriental Gacha~_SR_~ Santas little Helper Shoes Gatcha

~_SR_~ X Mas Antlers GatchaVelvet Whip_30LGacha_Common_Rare_PanelLa Petite Morte WINTER ANTLER GACHA

Velvet Whip_30LGacha_Ultrarare_PanelVelvet Whip_GL_30LGacha_Common_Rare_PanelUI Gacha Board

Sweet Kajira Gatcha 30L Fair Petra Cartel

Sweet Kajira Bordados special edition Gacha LUAS IRINA SHAWL GACHA LUAS ATHENEA GACHA Kei's Wearable Snow Flyer Gacha (composite) Kei's Wearable Snow Flyer Gacha - rares & ultrarares Kei's Wearable Snow Flyer Gacha - commons Kei's His & her Silk Coats Gacha (ultrarare) Kei's His & Her Silk Coats Gacha (rares) Kei's His & Her Silk Coats Gacha (composite) Kei's His & Her Silk Coats Gacha (commons) EK Studio Project GachaAdUltraRare EK Studio Project GachaAdRare EK Studio Project GachaAdCommons Distorted Dreams Snowflake Cuff AD 30L gacha

30L Saturday – 11th May 2013

May 10, 2013

1. Whatz

2. EK Studio Project

3. Forbidden Delights

4. Damned

5. Junbug

6. Glamorous Sin

7. On a Lark

8. Luas

9. Tharyn Designs

10. United Inshcon

11. Libby’s RolePlay Enhancing Props

12. Bina

13. Velvet Whip

14. Flecha Creations

15. Torvis Gorean Weapons

16. BlackPearls

17. Habitation

18. Moonlight Shadow

19. PA Designe

20. PeKaS Designs

21. Belissima

22. Soul Effects

23. For F’s Sake

24. Riverdog & Sciarri’s Trading Co.

25. Kei-Spot

26. Fabled

27. MeshedUp

28. Sweet Poison

29. The Sweet Pea

30. Tia

whatzmaydress_ad AtHisFootPic FDcage_ad whatzbeggar-red_ad whatzthere3_ad whatztavernwench-blue_ad whatzmoody_ad whatzmemory-red_ad !Damned Tristabelle Onyx 1 !Damned Snow Boot Tan !Damned Rufus Black 1 !Damned Need Balls !Damned Marcus Green !Damned Lula Chocolate Habitation -Tangled Divinity Flower Bed Habitation -Sugar & Spice Flower Bed Habitation -September Flowers Habitation -Oranges & Lemons Flower Garden Habitation - A Pink  Fence Flower Garden Glamorous Sin - Touch of Spring - Pink Glamorous Sin - Lovely Girl Tattoo Glamorous Sin - Finest Roses Earrings WrenAdBlue UtilityTableAD UI Wood Log House UI Thief`s Dirty Double Bed UI Rocking Chair Knitting UI Guard Wolf UI Flower Fontain House for Petites UI Barrel Sink Crimson Towel Torvis Weapons Pottery Girl Brown Tharyn Design Nordhjem captive Bed V1a Tharyn Design FurRug V4 Tharyn Design FurRug V3 Tharyn Design  Sit on Barrels Set Sul Paga and Paga - Wood springtimecamisks Sima InWorld Ad Sand -SE- White Picket Fence with Tulips - -SE- Sunflower FieldPIC -SE- Outdoor Table Set -SE- Ironing Chore -SE- Home Stone - CrimsonPIC PeKaS Autumm PeKaS Arturo brown Nyx Boots LUAS RHAENYS BLUE LUAS LADY BASIC SET BLACK LUAS HELEN RED keisinfirmaryworkstation keisinfirmaryexamtable keisinfirmarybench keisinfirmarybed Honey Mead Tray - Wooden-Mesh Gorean Ale and Rence Beer - Silver Garden Shelf FLECHA sculpted globe fullperm FLECHA sculpted CHICKEN THIGHS fullperm FLECHA sculpted barrel group fullperm FLECHA sculpted apple pack fullperm FFS AD Taya Blue FFS AD Olivia Dark DateCratesAD Chalice Cardigan brown Binaad BINA Marjanah poster veil BINA Marjanah poster Makeup BeMine Barbi's Frilly Lace Camisk (Blue) Barbi Rides the Roller Coaster Dress AD_toga_Linen 30 L-White Silk -Transfer-PA DESIGNE _SITARA_BELISSIMA_SHAPES_NEW_ _OAL_ Glorioso ~ Garnet _OAL_ Celt Neck Tattoo  ~ Spire _OAL_ Celt Neck Tattoo  ~ Spear _OAL_ Beanbag ~ Green _Moon_Sha_ Prisioner Logs PIC _Moon_Sha_ Latrine PIC _Moon_Sha_ IV Pole PIC


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