30L Saturday – 25 July 2020

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01 Faida - meow nips01 Faida - So angel

Velvet Whip

02 AD Yveline Gown Coffee02 AD Wall Bulb Lamps02 AD Shilu-1 Slippers Brown02 AD Farm water Pump V202 AD Canapes Double Tray

Lacrime dell’anima

03 (PIC) Batik Hanging Hammock Set - Blue-ish03 (PIC) Batik Crate Stool Set - Blue-ish








On A Lark

04_OAL_ Ad Vesta Sq








Belle Epoque

05 Belle Epoque { Vera }









06 [INK] Victorian Wall Shelves G Black


07 [M] Atria Plain AllAD


08 Moon_Sha_ Woodcutter Block & Pile Wood PIC

Bloom! Furniture & Decor

09 Bloom! - Cozy Corner GreenAD

Puke Rainbows

10 [PR] Light Roses Curtains - Yellow PIC


11 Uhli nordic headband green w11 Nails earrings w11 Dark lady w


12.Viki. Margaery - Magenta12.Viki. Kara Open Dress12.Viki. Aries Horns

[Mistica Thespian Artworks]

13 [Mistica Thespian Artworks] Tattoo Cum Mark Tattoo13 [Mistica Thespian Artworks] Daddy's Girl BOX

Del-ka Aediilis

14 WaterBasinMarrakeshDarkTiles14 Kattegat_StrawDecorHaegarPIC



Simply Shelby

16 Simply Shelby Mosaic Butterfly pink16 Simply Shelby Mosaic Accent Table Collection16 Simply Shelby Medieval Ruin Walls16 Simply Shelby Corner Ruin16 Simply Shelby Castle Gate Ruin




18 Serendipity_ rose... (bento) IMG18 Serendipity_ augusta... (bento) IMG

Panther Tattoo

19 I look you front

United InshCon

20 UI India Oil Lamp Set20 UI India Floor Lantern Gold20 UI India Floor Lantern Gold Turquoise20 UI India Screen Lantern Gold Turquoise20 UI India Screen Lantern Gold

Enigma Apparel

21 MILLY BIKINI 21 Alessandra Set

Uni Boutique

22 Uni Boutique+ Shift dress - Heart

LadyMagnums Galla of Artistic Creations

23 Mesh Plated Candles Set - Right & Left Set - Rainbow23 LadyMs Mesh Single Milk Can Planter - Red Shrub 123 LadyM's Mesh Glass Living Room Collection Bonus Items - N23 LadyMs Mesh Butterfly Terranium - 6

Kegel Clothing

24 Kc Drako Armors


25 Kokoro Poses - Couple 23 ad 25 Kokoro Poses - Soraia ad25 Kokoro Poses - Rune ad25 Kokoro Poses - Best Friends 03 ad25 Kokoro Poses - Alessia ad


26 Pacagaia Poses - Friends 006 Pic26 Pacagaia - Skull Tip Toe PIC26 Pacagaia - Greyce Dress Pic26 Pacagaia - Fingerless Gloves PIC

Kitty Creations

27 PIC Ziva - Red - Kitty Creations27 PIC Heidi - Teal - Kitty Creations27 PIC Danica - Black - Kitty Creations27 PIC Chrissie - Purple - Kitty Creations27 PIC Better than Bare II - Gold - Kitty Creations

BWC_Your Way

28 BWC Elegance 28 BWC Brilliant dress

Sweet Lies Designs

29 Medieval Food Jams & Bread jpg29 Medieval Food Egg Sausage & Meat jpg

Fatal Fashion

30 FF__ Outfit 072

.:: StunnerOriginals::.

31 StunnerOriginals __. Lipstick Slender 31 StunnerOriginals __. Lipstick Live


32 tyra snuggle hud4 32 tyra snuggle


33 Synnergy Thinking about you Pose AD

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