30L Saturday: Aug 15, 2020

Don’t forget to visit the Itty Bitty Titty Committee Event!

Brought to you by the same company serving 30L Saturday, IBTC is a fair dedicated to all the Petite, Perky and flat chest lovers, in desperate need for something specifically made for their favorite bodies. Don’t miss out!

Teleport | Event Info | Raffle & Giveaways

An apology!

We’d like to start the catalog this week with some apologies:

  1. So very sorry for the size of the pictures in this post.
  2. We are very sorry that the inworld NC will contain LMs but no pictures.

The 30L Saturday workflow was being upgraded this week. Along the way we faced some major glitches….resulting in some missing pictures. Some merchants were kind enough to resend their pictures (THANK YOU AND SORRY!), but we couldn’t get responses from others in time for this gallery due to time differences. So we have taken the liberty to use lower res pics that we have.

Unfortunately, for the same reason, the NC this week won’t have pictures but will have LM. Plsdontkillus.

However, the tp HUD will have pics! Weareredeemedslightlyright?

We are very sorry, merchants and shoppers! We promise to do better next week! Plsdontbreakupwithus.

Click on each store’s name for SLurl. Happy shopping! ♥

Velvet Whip


Lacrime dell’anima

On A Lark

Belle Epoque





Bloom! Furniture & Decor


God Mod


Puke Rainbows

Simply Shelby


Luxury Store

Uni Boutique

Enigma Apparel

LadyMagnums GalLa of Artistic Creations

Kitty Creations

Dore Papillon Boutique

BWC_Your Way

Gloss Store



LMagnums Clothier

United InshCon





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