30L Saturday: May 29th, 2021

This week we are sponsoring:

May 18 – June 8

Sponsored by:

INITHIUM, Amataria & Evolue, Baiastice, Beauty Factory, Blackstone, Candy Kitten, Carpe Noctem, Crybunbun, Ersch, Eternus, Glitzz, Gulabi, Le fil Casse, Luas, Lybra, Malou, Michan, Muse, Phedora, Phy.Ka, Promagic, Sibilla, Swear, Velour, ZK Store

This is an event that celebrates big, beautiful bodies. Gathering the top creators in Second Life to bring into one place, all that is voluptuous! Clothing styles that range from sexy and sultry to contemporary and modest. There is something here for every taste.

We aren’t just catering to the large sizes either. There is something new here for everyone!

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Happy shopping! ♥

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