30L Saturdays: Info For Designers

This is what you need to know in order to join the 30L saturday event as a merchant:

1) be PATIENT: although applications are currently taken into consideration, there is a long queue.
2) Did I say there’s a long queue? Do not IM officers after a week asking what happened with your application, it takes longer than that!
3) You must have a minimum stock. For example if you just started and have your first 5 items out, good luck with your new project! But please apply at a later time when you have at least 50.
4) read and agree to rules
5) send the form to Titania Halasy inworld or use the contact form on this website
6) Join the 30L Special Events group in order to get notices, updates and important info. If you don’t read notices and you don’t stay current, you will miss important info and special events. Do not assume we have to IM every merchants to tell them stuff please.
7) do NOT drop a weekly application if you haven’t been accepted as merchant
8) Not every application is accepted. Actually only 20% or less. If you don’t hear from us, you have not been accepted or we might want to comeback to your store at a later time. 80% of the stores that apply to the 30L saturday event no longer exist when we go and check them. If you think selling items for 30L every Saturday will pay for your rent, then you are not the store we are looking for.

9) There is a SMALL FEE OF 250L$ PER ROUND.
10) If you are a copybotter we will report you.



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