3rd Jackpot Gacha Fair (18th June – 25th June)

++TP to Jackpot Gacha!++

++Opens 12pm SLT, 18th June++

How it works

  • 30L per play on every machine.
  • How Jackpot Gacha works: play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one!
  • The utimate prize to win is The Jackpot!

What is The Jackpot Prize?

  • There will only be ONE Jackpot Winner.
  • The Jackpot Prize is 100 FREE PULL of ANY machine in the event on the 26th.
  • YES. FREE!
  • The Gacha Machines will go into Jackpot Mode on the 26th September – during this time, the machines are only playable by the Jackpot Winner.
  • All machines will shut down on the 27th, midnight.


Check out the cute takeaway boxes near each booths. Some contains freebies! 😀

Some Prizes Preview!