30L Saturday 9th Anniversary

30LSaturday anniversary

From 2nd to 10th February, we are celebrating the 9th Anniversary of our sales group.
We want to thank you all from the bottom of our little merchant hearts for your continuous support, and we gathered 60 stores in one place to offer you their 30L wares along with their best creations.
Thank you, thank you, 1000 times thank you for being here with us through these amazing years of change and challenge.
♥ Titania


The 6th Midwinter Fair


6th Midwinter Fair
13th – 31st December 2016

The 6th Midwinter Fair is waiting for you! Come and see us! 50 main creators are showing their best wares, with new releases, gachas and discounted items.
Do not forget to grab your gifts while you are here!

Sponsored by: Black Jack, Faida, Fallen Gods Inc., Junbug, Les Encantades, Oxide, Sweet Kajira, Velvet Whip.

3rd Jackpot Gacha Fair (18th June – 25th June)

++TP to Jackpot Gacha!++

++Opens 12pm SLT, 18th June++

How it works

  • 30L per play on every machine.
  • How Jackpot Gacha works: play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one!
  • The utimate prize to win is The Jackpot!

What is The Jackpot Prize?

  • There will only be ONE Jackpot Winner.
  • The Jackpot Prize is 100 FREE PULL of ANY machine in the event on the 26th.
  • YES. FREE!
  • The Gacha Machines will go into Jackpot Mode on the 26th September – during this time, the machines are only playable by the Jackpot Winner.
  • All machines will shut down on the 27th, midnight.


Check out the cute takeaway boxes near each booths. Some contains freebies! 😀

Some Prizes Preview!