30L Saturday – 27th May 2023

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Happy 30L Saturday!!

You are kindly invited to

The Inithium Event!

The Inithium Event is OPEN!
We are sponsored by INITHIUM, AtaMe, Aurora, Az If, Beauty Factory, Blackstore, Brillancia, Charm, Faida, Gemini, Guilty, Le Fil Casse, Leronso, Luna Chelsea, Lybra, Not Found, Oh!, Phy.Ka, 718, Sibilla, Small, Sofia, Sweet Tart, Virtual Diva

New building, new exclusives, new addons.

Come and see us! We have just what you’re looking for to look incredible in your Inithium bodies.
From thin to curvy, you can be yourself in Inithium! Khara, Kups, Kupra, and Kario are waiting for you ♥

Come and see us!!


Happy 30L Shopping!

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Happy shopping! ♥



Introducing the 30L Shopping Hud!

30L Hud ad 2

Since 2010, 30L Saturday features 30 stores offering 30L$ special deals every week!
Thanks to MadMacit, our amaaaaazeeeng scripter, we introduced a new, advanced shopping hud that will allow you to expeditiously teleport from store to store!
It comes in 2 versions: regular and small size.
You can easily minimize it by clicking on the minus button on top right!

How to use it?
You just add it, wait 30 seconds so that it loads and you give it permission to teleport you around!
Scroll using arrows, click on ads to tp!

We hope you will enjoy it!

Halloween Sales 2019


Halloween Sales 2019 – Creepy Deals and Spooky Gifts for you!

Lacrime dell’anima – Alt3 – Faida – Artisan Fantasy – Simply Shelby – Velvet Whip – On a Lark – Fallen Gods Inc – Sweet Revolutions – Bee Designs – Kei Spot – Axix – Spyralle – NeverWish – Juna Artistic Tattoo – j!NX – MB – New Line Store – Kitty Creations – Tiar – Viki – Kumiho – Dore Papillon Boutique – WetCat – Footpaw Industries – Lunistice – Timeless Textures – StunnerOriginals – Coveted – Applique`Chic – DaneMarkZ – LMagnums Clothier – ViciousDelicious – Eternal Limited – Anny’s Fashion – Lovelysweet – Angel Pink – Gloss – The Mustard Seed – Believe – SynCo – Uncontrollably


October 24th to November 4th